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End of Vacation Shopping

Azrieli Towers and Shopping MallThe Israeli summer is not even close to ending, but the summer vacation is almost over and if you are traveling in Israel with children you are probably preparing for your flight home, and your young ones are getting ready for school. The last days of every holiday are usually the best time for shopping: For gifts, souvenirs and other special items you know will be hard to find anywhere else. Shopping will be a good idea for the next few days till the end of August (and the trip back home) for three more reasons: 1) it's very hot outside and will continue to be at least for a few more days. The shopping malls are all air-conditioned and there for offer a fantastic refuge from the heat; 2) Prices in Israel are cheap compared with Europe and all the same brands are available…; 3) Now that you wont be moving around a lot any more its time to buy things you didn’t want to carry with you while traveling. 

Nakhalat Binyamin Arts and Crafts MarketIf you are looking for special souvenirs, you'll have to skip the comfort of the air-con mall and head towards the markets of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Jaffa, Haifa and so on… Other options are the local galleries or special book stores that offer Israeli books in their English addition (If you can't find any close to your hotel, check out the duty-free shops at Ben Gurion Airport ). If air-con is a requirement check out the list of recommended shopping centers located around the center of Israel (Tel Aviv metropolitan area, Haifa and Jerusalem ):

Azrieli Malls – In Tel Aviv (By the Azrieli exit of Ayalon free-way) and across Israel.

Ramat Aviv Mall – Near Tel Aviv University (Expensive and very stylish).

Shivaat HaKokhvim (Seven Stars) – In Herzliya

Arena Mall – By the Marina of Herzliya (the beach is 5 min walk from the mall).

Givataim Mall – In the city of Givaataim, 20 min drive from the center of Tel Aviv.

Dizingoff Center Vattern mall at the heart of Tel Aviv. Very popular. Food market on Thurs and Fri.

HaSharon / HaDarim – Both in Netanya. Can be very busy…. 

Kastra / City Center / Grand Canyon – the three big malls of Haifa. Out side of Haifa there are a few more, such as Lev HaMifratz, which have more of a suburbia atmosphere to them.

Malkha – The largest mall in Jerusalem , out of the center but easy to access. Nice and comfortable but will never compete with the open markets of Jerusalem….

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