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The International Arts and Crafts Fair of Jerusalem
Each summer, when the rest of the country escapes to the beaches in search of the sea breeze and a brief relief from the heat, Jerusalem comes to life and reminds us why it has been a popular spot for thousands of years. It is simple: Jerusalem has the best summer weather in Israel. When Tel Aviv is humid, sweaty and sexy Jerusalem stays cool, alerted and very cultural…. One of the special events that Jerusalem's summer weather turns into a complete and utter bliss is Khutzot Hayotser Fair.
The International Arts and Crafts Fair (known in Israel as Khutsot Hayotser Jerusalem) is held at the Sultan’s Pool, opposite the Tower of David at the foot of the Old City Walls. The location of the festival is dazzling and the view over looking the old city is well worth your time. Our tip would be to grab something warm and make your way to this wonderful outdoor gala of Arts and Crafts.
The arts and crafts fair in JerusalemThe Fair, which has taken place for more than thirty years, has become a tradition in Jerusalem and the largest tourist attraction of the Jerusalem summer season. More than one hundred and fifty of the best of Israel’s artists and artisans exhibit paintings, prints, ceramics, metalwork and jewelry, textiles and weaving, Judaica, toys, crafts in various techniques, woodwork and more. The international exhibit includes authentic and varies arts and crafts from the Far East, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
Live Music at the FairBut this is not just an Arts and craft fair, it is a celebration of creativity and thus every evening at 9.30, visitors can enjoy live music concerts by the best of Israel’s musicians and entertainers. The performances take place on the main stage in the Sultan’s Pool. Amongst the musicians playing this year in the fair you'll find Aviv Geffen, Beri Sakharof, Rami Fortis, Shlomi Shabat, Etnix, Gali Atari, Boaz Sharabi, Mosh Ben Ari and the one and only Meir Banai. Performances of musical ensembles and dance groups from Israel and abroad will take place on small stages in the Fairgrounds, so there will be something for every one…
Cafe TavOne of the fairs greatest successes and popular attractions is Café Tav (musical note in Hebrew). The Tav Group invites the audience to an inter-disciplinary experience. In their court yard, artists and artisans work as a team, offering their guests their best goods, fulfilling all the needs of the body and the soul. Next to their choicest handiworks, they offer exquisite coffee, bread and honey or a glass of wine and cheese, coffee reading, dancing shadows, story telling and song, a gypsy tune, a personal consultation, a portrait, a yoga lesson, a massage and more. Everything is according to a menu distributed to their guests.

The Eastern FairOther popular attractions on the fair are the International Food Court which offers ethnic cuisine from around the world garnished with matching ethnic music; the Eastern Fair and the Glass blowing corner. 
The Fair will go on from Aug 11 to Aug 23, it is open every evening (except Fridays) from 6pm-11pm and Saturday from one hour after the end of the Sabbath until midnight. For farther info on the participating artists, tickets, map of the fair etc. check out the
Jerusalem municipality web site.

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