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Water Parks, Water Parks, Water Parks!

Luna Gal Water ParkIf you happen to be in Israel these days, enjoying a summer vacation, a family visit or even if you are touring across the Holy Land on a spiritual or religious journey, you probably encountered a few hot days… Yes, July is here with its glorious heat and bright days, making a visit to the beach an integral part of any holiday. Some of you may be traveling with kids, these young sweethearts have their own needs and demands and one of those is simply: A day at the Water Park. Well, lucky you, Israeli kids love water parks too and no matter what part of the country you are touring, you will not be very far from a decent water park. All you'll have to do is bring your swimsuit, sunglasses, sunscreen, a towel and some money for tickets and snacks or lunch. You can even bring those on your own and spare your kids another burger, hotdog or a plate of fries. The water slides, pools and other crazy attractions will be fun enough and your kids will remember them for ever. Moreover, it will give them a chance to meet Israeli kids and communicate with them; this is what the queues are specially designed for.
Luna Gal – Located on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee (An hour and half from Haifa, 40 min from Tiberias). At the end of the summer will host a music festival as well as the final of the Israeli Idol TV show. Get more information on the Luna Gal or other Water parks around the Sea of Galilee.
Shfayim – A popular water park located at Kibbutz Shfayim (15 min south of Netanya on the costal Rd., 10 Min north of Herzliya).
Meimadiyon – Located comfortably in HaYarkon Park, Tel Aviv. Easy to get to and thus very popular amongst families and children. Other water parks around Tel Aviv
Nakhshonit – Located near Nakhshonim junction, not far from Petkh Tikvah. If you are staying at the center of Israel but don’t want to enter the Tel Aviv. This could be also an option for those staying in Jerusalem.
Yamit 2000 – Located at Holon (15 min south of Jaffa). Great water slides and water fun for kids and grownups at the center of Israel.
Ashkeluna – Located at the city of Ashkelon (about an hour south of Tel Aviv along the coast). Great fun for the whole family, Check it out if you are traveling through the Negev, or if staying in Ashdod, Bee'r Sheva, Kiryat Gat or even Jerusalem.
If you are visiting Eilat, enjoy the local water sports and when in need or crave for water slides – make your way to the hotel swimming pool… Enjoy your wet day with the kids and don’t pass out on the slides, parents are allowed to have some fun too.

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