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Mikhmoret Beach - A Night Under the Stars

After a busy week being ‘out and about’ in the deliciously funky and vibrant Tel Aviv, the option of an evening in nature sounded fabulous. Armed with a shade tent and a single ring gas cooker, purchased from the local home store for less than $40 and a small cool box borrowed from the apartment owner, we enthusiastically stocked up with ‘local goodies’ from the Carmel Market on Allenby and hit the road.
The road signs to get out of the city were relatively easy to follow and before we knew it we were in rural Israel. It was absolutely gorgeous! We marvelled at the countries ability to keep on surprising us. Neither of us realised the extent of the agricultural industry in the holy land and thoroughly enjoyed the ever changing vista and colours of the farmlands that greeted us on our north bound Israel travel adventure.
While stopping to top up on fuel, I got chatting to a delightful old chap on his way north to visit a daughter. Thrilled we were visiting his beloved Israel and enjoying our experience, he offered us a tip.. I love getting a local tip, it feels like I have received a gift, like I am in a secret club or something, its nice.. “Mikhmoret  is where you need to go”, he told us with a big smile.
Mikhmoret BeachAfter a further 15 minutes driving, the signs directed us off the highway. Our high spirit withered, could we possibly have taken a wrong turn? The area seemed quite built up and there was a lot of rubbish scattered along the side of the roads.. not the usual vision that came to mind of a road to paradise.
Stopping to ask for directions, our hopes of a night under the stars were beginning to wane. Its in these moments though, that the benefits of a positive husband really come to light.. 'lets keep going along this road for a few more miles and see where it leads to'… Great suggestion !! Within a minute or two the fresh sea air greeted us, the road turned into an easy to drive on, dirt track running along picturesque cliffs and  the views of the Mediterranean were breath taking.
Passing two or three small, almost empty car parks, we stopped in one, a stones throw from the cliff. A small walking track led down to the bottom of cliff where a clean white sanded beach ran for as far as the eye could see was there before us. Like little mountain goats we scuttled back up the cliff path, collected our camping essentials and prepared our romantic hideaway. Opening the bottle of chilled Israeli chardonnay and snacking on fresh grapes with the sun’s rays glistening on the clear turquoise Mediterranean sea, we lazed away the afternoon in utter bliss.
Mikhmoret sunsetAs evening came, it brought a cool dampness to the air. Weary from the days outdoor adventure, stomach full with fine wine and delicious local faire, we laid out our blanket and gazed up at the evening sky. Amass with twinkling stars and a bright half moon, the atmosphere was truly magical. Alone on the beach with the delightful sounds of the insects symphony, we slipped in to a peaceful sleep... another perfect day in the holy land.

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