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 Saturday in HaYarkon Park
A Slice Of Heaven In The City That Never Sleeps
The morning sun filtered into my sweet little holiday apartment, gently announcing that Saturday had arrived. Hooray!!   Shabbat, delightful Shabbat, with its quiet peaceful energy had come around again.  
Shabbat in Tel Aviv has turned out to be my favourite day in the city. Each week, this zesty upbeat city, lovingly named by its residents ‘the city that never sleeps’, has a ‘little lay in.’ sweetly enticing its residents and visitors to do the same.
Park HaYarkonDrawing back the blinds, opening the sliding doors to allow the fresh cool Mediterranean breeze to flow in, I caught a glimpse of the clear blue sky of yet another perfect day in paradise.  
Exploring the city on bicycles was our choice of activity today. Packing a picnic and water we headed off along the quiet, almost empty streets.
Riding along the shady, tree lined Ben Gurion Boulevard we turned into Disengoff Street. Usually a busy, hip and very trendy designer shopping street, full with the who’s who sitting in cafes, today there were no buses, few cars and very few people. It was so peaceful.
HaYarkon ParkAt the northern end of Disengoff, we entered the Park Ha Yarkon, a huge nature park, running along both sides of the banks of the Yarkon river. With enormous shady trees, children play areas and a fantastic bike path meandering for miles around the park, we rode around soaking up the sunshine and immersing ourselves into the wonderful family atmosphere of the cities’ largest park, we were in holiday heaven.. 
Our little slice of heaven was under a beautiful old weeping willow tree. We set up our rug, made coffee, opened our picnic and just laid back watching the world go by.
As the sun began to set, we packed up, crossed over to the other side of the river and began our route home via the bike path that followed the city's pristine coastline.
 Sunset in Tel Aviv by Amit BahatA magnificent medeterranean sunset greeted us. Vibrant reds and oranges slowly transformed into gentle pinks and mauves. Gazing silently at the magical display of colours and filled with the relaxed and peaceful energy of our day, we both smiled.
How lucky we felt to have been given the inside tip to visit this little known holiday destination called Israel. Looking over to me, my husband said quietly “what do you say, should we speak to the owner and book the apartment for 3 weeks next year?”

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