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 Safed - Town of Kabala and Art
Safed alleywaySet on a mountain top where you almost feel obligated to stop, relax and inhale the crisp fresh air you will find Safed. Tzfat, as Israelis call the town, has a long history and a unique Galileean character, it is filled with spiritualists and artists alike, and though it is beautiful, it is modest at the same time and appears to be indifferent to its surroundings. It’s a town that doesn’t make an effort to be liked…. Safed is famous for many reasons, one of which is spiritual indeed: Safed is a well known center of Kabbalah studding and some consider it to be the birth town of Kabbalah (or Kabala). Visitors don’t have to be dedicated students of Kabala though, to enjoy the mystical feeling of Safed's streets and side alleys. The artist's district is brimming with creative talent on display; the small galleries built with local stone are inviting and some times mysteries and the hospitality is affectionate.
This is all teamed up with breathtaking view of the lower Galilee and the (sometimes) snow capped mountain of the Hermon. Being one of Israel’s four holy cities, it has been a spiritual centre since the 1600’s when it was the centre of the Kabala (Jewish mysticism). The Kabbalist mystics lived, studied and taught here.
In the Jewish quarter you’ll find stone cobbled floors and houses, as you wonder through you will come across picturesque synagogues whose rich past is clearly shown with high ceilings, colourful decorations and ancient Torah scrolls.

Art Gallery in SafedWhat was previously the Arab quarter of Safed, today homes many artists who have studios in the ancient and magnificent houses where their paintings and wood carved instruments are on display and make you feel as though you are walking through a unique and extraordinary exhibition.

Safed also has exciting museums that relate the city’s history, luxurious hotels that preserve its antique character, and a huge Crusader fortress. It hosts numerous festivals, rich in colour and atmosphere, most famous amongst them is the KleyZmer festival for live traditional Jewish music.

A perfect place to visit, be it for spiritual or artistic reasons, relaxation or exploring…. Overlooking the Sea of Galilee, Safed awaits you.

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