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 GLBT Pride Parade of Tel Aviv 2008 on Friday June 6
While Jerusalem is at the core of Jewish longing and the capitol of the state of Israel, Tel Aviv is the heart of secular Israel and the center of Nightlife, Art, Culture and Economy. Lying comfortably along the coast of the Mediterranean Tel Aviv is an easy going city. It is where anything goes, including what some may hold to be radical self expression. The TLV Pride Parade is a definitely an event to experience some positive and colorful self expression.
It started in 1998 with 3,000 participants and grew larger with every year. This week the TLV Pride Parade will be celebrating its 10th anniversary and the streets will be gushing in an endless stream of marchers dancing to very proud music.
tel aviv gay pride paradeThe parade will start its way at Meir Garden (Near Dizzingof center) where the mayor of Tel Aviv will officially open a new city center for the GLBT community of Tel Aviv. After the chop-chop of the ribbon, lots of people in multicolored outfits and other political-fashion-statement will make their way towards Bugrashov Street, they will pass the long line of cafes and fashion stores till they pour into Ben Yehuda Street. If you ever been to a Pride Parade, you probably know the main principles: huge trucks with lots of dancers on them and all around them, DJs, extravert costumes and extravagant people. Everyone is hugging and kissing, smiling ever so happily at each other and showing a lot of skin (after hard long winter months at the gym).
tel aviv glbt parade 2007Summer is already here, the weather is fantastic, the rainbow flags are poping along the streets and the buzz is starting. The Parade will end on Gordon Beach, right after its last bit on Ben Gurion blvd where it will pass the house (and today a museum) of David Ben Gurion, Israel's first prim minister. Just as important are the shows on the beach: Ivry Lider, Maya Buskila and Keren Peles live, joined by several DJs and lots of sun, drinks and swim suits.
Tip: Many GLBT parties will start later that evening all over the city. The party at the beach is just a good starting point. This is just another reason to make new friends.
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