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 The Sounds of the Desert Park at Ramon Crater

One hundred and eighty degrees of clear skies and a gigantic crater in bold colors are the perfect canvas for the Sounds of the Desert Park at Ramon Crater. It started in '86 when a park dedicated to desert sculptures had opened here and a kilometer long promenade was built on the cliff allowing spectacular view deep into the crater.
Lately, the desert silence was disturbed by the serene sound of music: Eight new sculptures, by artists Nitzan Refaeli and Ron Ben Ya'akov, producing music created by the wind blowing over the edge of the Ramon Crater were placed in the park. In some cases the spectator can participate and "play" the sculpture. The musical sculptures were given names describing their function as well as inspiration: Meditation Space, Desert Ship, Drum's swing and Wind Bells blvd. Spectators can enjoy the dialog between earth and wind, geological art and blissful natural music.
A hundred million years old sculpted nature of the Negev is quite the dramatic landscape… Stone, marble, cement and metal supply the orchestra and the spectator turns into participator when adding a drum beat to the sounds of wind pipes…
The Sounds of Music Park is a place to slow down…there is no need to do much but let this magnificent desert panorama expend your heart. Let your eyes soar over the crater, dive in and inhale the empty space. The wind and music will do the rest.
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