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Spot of the Day / Post of the Day / May 12
 World Leaders & International Writers Festival
Two International events taking place in Jerusalem this week are going to draw a lot of attention as well as traffic jams: The president's conference hosted by Mr. Shimon Peres and The first Jerusalem International Writers Festival, hosted by Mishkenot Sha'ananim.
The President's Conference: Starting Tuesday, May 13, some 120 World Leaders, from the past and the present will land in Israel in order to participate in a special conference hosted by Israel's President, Shimon Peres. Among the world wide known personas are politicians like Gorge W. Bush, Tony Blair, Henri Kissinger and Michael Gorbachov; as well as intellectuals Bernar Anri-Levi and Eli Visel; international business icons Rupert Merdok and Sheldon Edelson, and internet entrepreneurs Sergai Brin (Google) and Yossi Vardi (ICQ).
The Bush entourage will take over King David Hotel, while many of the other guests will stay in Inbal Hotel. Visitors to Jerusalem should be very patient since security arrangements around the capitol are going to influence traffic and entrance to important tourist attractions.
The conference will celebrate 60 years of Israeli Independence and it will focus on challenges that humanity as a whole is facing, as well as Jewish aspects of global future. Discussions will concentrate on the subject of "Tomorrow": The tomorrow of the World, the tomorrow of Jews and the tomorrow of Israel. The convention intends to offer a platform for the greatest minds in politics, business and academia, to get together and brainstorm over economical, social and political challenges faced by, Israel and the World.
International Writers Festival: Jonathan Safran Foer, Nadin Gordimer, Erri De Luca, Lidia Jorge, Andre Makin, Nial Williams and Nikol Kraus are a few of the internationally celebrated writers who came to Jerusalem this week for a unique Writers Festival. Starting Monday, May 12, writers from around the world will hold open discussions with Israeli writers on a variety of literary issues. Since most of these conversations will include at least one non-Israeli writer, they will be held in English. The discussions, lectures and personal interviews shell take place in several theaters around Jerusalem from Monday till Thursday, 12 noon – 10 pm. Tickets: 02-6237000, 03-6399963.

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