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Spot of the Day / Post of the Day / May 6-9
 Israel celebrating 60
This week Israelis will celebrate the 60th anniversary to the establishment of the state of Israel. The country will celebrate the 60th Independence Day in a series of national events that will take place throughout the country and along the year. If travelling in Israel this year you may want to check out the list of events to find out what's going on while you are in Israel.
Tonight, May 6, at 8pm a siren will be heard throughout the country, marking the beginning of the Memorial Day for IDF soldiers who died in Israeli wars a long the years. A special live music concert will start at Rabin's square in Tel Aviv at 8:45pm – where famous Israeli singers will sing much loved Israeli songs (some of them written by soldiers who died in wars) in honor of the soldiers and other casualties of wars. Tomorrow (May 7) at 11am another siren will go off while ceremonies will start in cemeteries across the country. If you are visiting Israel and happen to be in a public place while these sirens go off, stand still and honor this national mourning day.
At 8pm tomorrow, the Memorial Day will end and the celebrations shell begin. No matter where you are in the country you'll be able to find a public stage with Israeli musicians and artists. Fireworks shows will light-up the sky all evening and many people will be out on the streets celebrating this happy occasion.
The celebrations will continue the next day (May 8), with military bands from around the world which came to perform in Israel. The Israeli Air Force will contribute its annual acrobatic show that will pass in the sky over Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Don’t be alerted by the noise…Naval and parachute jumping displays will complete this militaristic happening…
Huge public parties will take place on Friday (May 9) on Achziv beach, Nitzanim beach and Rabin's square in Tel Aviv.
Check out recommended raves and GLBT parties that will take place on Independence Eve. and Day.
Come celebrate with us and enjoy the beautiful Israeli spring.

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