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 Top Five Seaside Cities of Israel
Israel has 200 km of lovely Mediterranean shore line. The shape of the country (long and narrow) makes us a seaside country. This is a wonderful thing, cause no matter where you are in Israel; you can't be very far from a beach. When you add to that the fine weather that Israel is blessed with, you have to reach the conclusion that Israel is a prime beach vacation destination.
But this is not the whole story, since we also have a coast on the Red Sea with its wonderful corals and fantastic diving spots. The Red Sea maintains a steady temperature all year around and this is why tourist can enjoy a beach vacation in Israel during the winter as well.
If your idea of a good holiday is sipping your drink on a lovely beach somewhere, Israel should defiantly be on your list of options. The beaches are unbelievably nice, the food and alcohol even better, and the sun is out over 300 days a year.
Some of Israel best beaches are out side cities and a special post will be dedicated to those ones in the future, today's post is all about the top five seaside cities of Israel, and they are:
1. Tel Aviv – The city that never stops
2. Eilat (Red Sea) – For the perfect winter vacation
3. Netanya – Where you will hear French more than Hebrew
4. Haifa – Natural bay and beautiful Carmel mountain
5. Herzliya – Best marina and gourmet restaurants
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