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 Date  Post Headline
 Aug 28  End of vacation Shopping (Where to shop?)
 Aug 20  Israel celebrating its favorite dish - Hummus
 Aug 12  The International Arts and Crafts Fair of Jerusalem
 Aug 5  Night Show at Beit Shean Archeological Park
 July 29  Six Christian Sites around the Sea of Galilee
 July 21  Water Parks, Water Parks, Water Parks!
 July 10  The Osho Festival and Gathering at Om Center
 July 3  An Hour During Sunset - Beach Meditation
 June 29  Mikhmoret Beach - A Night under the Stars
 June 23  The New Calatrava Bridge in Jerusalem
 June 17  Slice Of Heaven In The City That Never Sleeps
 June_11  Safed - Town of Kabala and Art
 June 5  Jewish Harvest Festival - Shavuot
 June 1  Tel Aviv GLBT Pride Parade
 May 30  The Sounds of the Desert Park
 May 26  Five Things to Do in Jerusalem
 May 22  Lag BaOmer Holiday
 May 12  The President's Confrence and Writers Festival
 May 6-9  Israel Celebrating 60
 May 1  Top five seaside cities of Israel

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