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Street Food
Eating out in Israel can be very cheap and yet, surprisingly fresh and delicious. On your trip to Israel you will discover that fast food doesn’t necessarily means Burger or Pizza, and although both are widely available, we recommend the authentic Israeli fast food, eaten throughout the country – sometimes while standing - since a lot of street stands are either packed with lunch fans or don’t have chairs to begin with…. Israelis love the local street food, and any Israeli you approach will be happy to give you an extended lecture on the "best Hummus" in the country, His/Her favorite Falafel or convince you to drive across town for the ultimate Sabich.
 Recommended Street Food of Israel:
Hummus – The most popular fast food dish in Israel, made from chick peas, Tehina, olive oil, Lemons and other secret ingredients. Best served hot, with Pita bread, fresh onions and boiled egg. In any Hummus joint you'll be able to choose from a wide verity of: Hummus with chick peas, Hummus with "phool" (broad beans), Hummus with minced meat, Hummus with mushrooms etc… all are divine!!! Aguide2Israel recommends: try Masabaha or Mashausha (Same dish with different name: Hot Hummus with chick peas, Tehina, olive oil and lots of garlic). You will need to rest after eating a full plate.
Falafel – The most famous Middle Eastern fast food and a very popular lunch in Israel. A vegetarian celebration of Falafel balls (made from chick peas and broad beans), freshly chopped salad, pickles and Tehina, served in Pita bread. Usually there is a wide selection of salads, dressings and other "extras" such as French fries, fried eggplant etc. CAUTION: too much Tehina may cause the Pita to fall apart… 
Shawarma – Slowly grilled layers of meat and fat served in pita bread or Laffa bread, along with salad, Tehina, pickles and fries. Usually there is a wide selection of salads you can choose from, different dressings and other "extras" such as fried eggplant, garlic spread, tomato sauce etc. The most common shawarma is made from turkey meat but places which specialize in the dish will usually offer lamb shawarma and spring chicken shawarma.
Sabich – Fried eggplant, sliced boiled egg, fresh salad, Tehina and pickles, served in Pita bread. The meaning of the word "Sabich" is “morning” in Arabic, and it is the traditional food Iraqi immigrants introduced to the Israeli street. The secret of a good Sabich is good eggplants deep fried in fresh oil. Excellent vegetarian dish, but may cause heart burn if you are sensitive to fried food.
Tunisian Sandwich– Tuna salad along side boiled egg, pickled lemon, salad and fried hot green peppers, served in a baguette. Some places will offer a variety of freshly chopped salads you can choose from, other insists on the classic version. Note: As it is a proud North African dish it may also be very spicy....
Laffa – A big pita bread backed in a special oven called Taboon. The Laffa is rolled around a full meal that usually contains: Shish-Kabab, Shawarma or other meat, salads and fries. You can add to the Laffa different salads, mild or spicy dressings and other "extras". It is a full meal in itself for quite a big person and you will need to rest after a full Laffa…

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