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Make sure that you come to Israel with medical travel insurance. Check out with your insurance before you arrive whether or not you need to go to any specific clinic to receive medical assistance in order to receive coverage. If you need emergency medical assistance, dial 101.
In general, if you have insurance from abroad, first you will probably have to pay the bill. With your receipt, you can request reimbursement when you return home.

There are no special medical issues in Israel, and no immunizations are necessary for travel here. Pharmacies and hospitals are available in all major cities and emergency and health care is to a very high Western standard. In Israeli pharmacies, the "over-the-counter" products are, in fact, over the counter. Ask the pharmacist if you need anything - chances are, they speak at least some English. Travel health insurance is highly recommended, however, as the Israeli health system frequently operates under the American-style "user-pays" approach to treatment.
Tap water is potable and perfectly safe for drinking all throughout Israel, big cities and rural parts alike. It is heavily chlorinated, however and doesn't taste that good, so as an alternative, bottled water is available everywhere and is popular among locals as well as tourists.
Most street food is perfectly safe and clean, including fried dishes, fish and different salads. It still is wise to use common sense and avoid anything suspicious and it is also a good idea to eat wherever local Israelis eat, as these are usually the cleanest and most reliable places.
Due to the hot climate in sunny Israel, remember to use sunscreen throughout your stay and drink a lot of water. It is also recommended to wear a good hat and a UV-screen pair of dark sunglasses.

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