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Eat Out: Food & Dining
Eating Out in Israel is a multi-national celebration. The diversified population of Israel brought to the country exquisite traditional cooking from around the globe and the melting pot of Israeli society welcomed this fusion of tastes, colors and spices, and embraced them all.

Israeli restaurants present a wide selection of traditional cuisines along side trendy restaurants offering up to date culinary experiences.
Stylish restaurants or Low budget places, street stands, cafes and brasseries – the Israeli dining out industry is great and most of all – Fresh.
You can find almost every cuisine on earth here, whether Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, French, Bulgarian, Turkish, Russian, polish, Hungarian, Spanish, Moroccan, Tunisian, Algerian, Iraqi, Persian, Yamani, Ethiopian, South American, Mexican and American food.
Sea food, meat, vegetarian and organic restaurants, fantastic breakfasts and fresh fruit juices stands, the choices are endless and if not for anything else – the food in Israel will make you want to return.
In recent years, a booming quality wine industry has developed in Israel, along with a fabulous extra virgin olive oil market and wonderful boutique dairies.
Note: While kosher food is predominant in Israeli hotels, many restaurants are not kosher. 
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