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 Women  travelling  alone

  Israels’ Male Population


Over the years, there's been many a disaster story heard about Middle Eastern mens behavior towards female tourists.
In Israel however, women travelling alone can rest assured.  Israeli men definitely do not belong in the same basket with these stories. 
There is no reason to feel unsafe around Israeli men. They respect women and respect No. 
A passionate bunch, Israeli men feel comfortable expressing their adoration of the female species, but hissing and making lewd comments are definately not their style. 
Light hearted in their approach and often incredibly charming, they are not usually offensive and certainly do not mean any harm when trying their luck to get to know women visitors a little.
If you are not interested in communicating, a simple but firm I am not interested, leave me alone/go away will do the job.  
Show you mean it by giving no further eye contact, smiling or further communication. This will ensure your message is clear. 
General tips from local Israeli women to help you along your way: 
If you look like you mean business and business only, you’ll most likely be perceived as such and left alone. A smile is an invitation for increased interaction. Use it with discernment. 
When travelling alone and visiting religious areas and villages of any faith wear loose fitting modest clothes as outlined in the appropriate dress section.
For the young women travelling solo, remember your smile is a sign of encouragement for interaction.
If you find you have gained an admirer and you are not interested, just don’t make eye contact, don’t smile, and look bored and say a curt ‘I am not interested’ ! 
The women of Israel are on the whole, confident, independent and self assured. Try to take time in your travels to observe the wonderful women of this nation; the girls, the young women, the mature and the elderly in their day to day lives and how they interact with the general male population.
It’s fascinating and for many, can be enormously stimulating, offering remarkable insight into a culturally different male/female interaction.
(Nayana – Australia)

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