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 Women  travelling  alone  –  Appropriate  Dress

Main Israeli coastal cities
Dress standards in the main Israeli coastal cities are the same as in any other modern cosmopolitan city around the world and may even be considered more casual than most.
Day time - During the day, feel very comfortable wearing shorts, tank tops, singlets and skirts and if you fancy a refreshing ice cream or a light bite on the way back from the beach, your swimwear and sarong are acceptable attire for the local ice cream parlor or one of the many cafes that line the beaches.
On the beach, nudity or topless bathing is not common. While there is apparently a nudist beach in Israel, it is neither popular, nor recommended for women travelling alone.
Evenings - In the evening in these cities, whether you are going out for dinner or going to a show, casual jeans and a nice shirt are acceptable attire. Don’t misunderstand the fashion concept though, if you feel you’d like to dress up in an elegant evening dress you will most certainly not be alone. There are women of every dress sense in the cities, from elegantly classic to modest conservative & casual to utterly sexy and hip. Fashion is dynamic in Israels’ cosmopolitan cities and being original is encouraged. Dress how you feel comfortable and you will not be or feel out of place at all wherever you go in the evenings.
Religious & Rural cities/towns 
For religious sites, the more religious cities of the nation such as Jerusalem and Zefat and traditional rural villages of any faith, a far more conservative modest dress standard is recommended. Rural villages are included in this section as usually the locals are traditional people for whom modesty is considered respectable and common place amongst their residents. Many are not accustomed to the modern dress styles of the cities. 
Day time - During the day while it is ok to wear knee length shorts and a T-shirt or blouse, just take a shawl to cover up when visiting the religious sites. To feel more at ease in your environment in the religious cities though, it's probably best to consider wearing a skirt that falls past the knees and a shirt that covers your shoulders and arms until the elbow and covers your chest. Wearing tight, revealing or transparent clothes is not appropriate. Adding a shawl or wrap to your day bag will allow you to cover up further if you feel it’s needed.
Evenings - In the evening, modest dress is again recommended. Conservative dresses, mid length skirts or long pants are probably the most appropriate dress for religious cities. The focus is on modesty and not exposing too much bare skin. Religious women are often incredibly fashionable but their style is definitely more modest and conservative. 
In the rural towns and cities modesty is appropriate and casual attire probably more the norm. A pair of jeans and a nice shirt, or skirt and top or a mid length summer dress with a shawl will be fine. Covering the shoulders and knees is the main idea.


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