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 Women  traveling  alone - Know  Your  Area

For women travelling solo, having a travel plan and letting your hotel or guest house know about it is a great travel habit. Get to know someone on reception or perhaps the concierge and make a point of chatting with them about your daily touring plans. This way you have an opportunity to perhaps get local tips about good restaurants etc and special places of interests as well knowing if your plans are achievable in the time frame you have allowed and are suitable for solo travel.
Get maps of destination cities and study them before you leave; it helps to know where you are going and what you want to see before you set out.
It is recommended that women travelling alone stay away from deserted places - beaches at night, woods, the desert, open country and dark unlit alleys etc.  Jerusalem Old city at night is also not recommended.
If you plan to stay away from your hotel, pre booking at least the first night is always a sensible habit. Before leaving the hotel, ensure you have a business card of the hotel with all the contact numbers and the address in case you get lost and need to find your way back.
Having the hotel address written in Hebrew is always a handy piece of information incase you fall upon a taxi driver who does not speak English well.

If catching a taxi to a destination, ask the hotel the approximate cost of the journey prior to leaving. If using buses, memorize the shortest well-lit route from the bus stop back to your place of stay.
When using public transport, know when the last train/bus returns and from where, then plan to take the one before it.
If you’re staying out of the way, perhaps in a rural setting, plan to return no later than 8 pm, to be on the safe side. Be aware of your bus or train station platform to return home BEFORE you move away from the area where you got off.
If possible, schedule Friday overnight at a major town or resort that doesn’t slow down much on Shabbat and where you can wander a lot on foot. The Dead Sea, Eilat, Tel Aviv are key Friday overnight choices. Or book a guided tour in advance. 

Planning your travels will ensure you get the most from your trip. Leave a day or two free of plans though, for spontaneous adventures or just to relax and rest by the hotel pool. (Lorraine miller, 62, Essex)

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