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 Women  travelling alone

Respect  Local  Customs

By dressing and behaving in a way that shows you know and respect local customs, you will ensure that you are, in turn, treated respectfully.

In Israel, the more modern cosmopolitan cities of Tel Aviv, Haifa, Eilat, Herzliya, Netanya, are not so different from other cities around the globe in terms of dress standards and behaviour.

It is the more traditional and religious cities, towns and religious sites that require more sensitivity and awareness. Clothing is one of the main factors that will signify respect for the local custom and covering your skin, at least from the knees and the elbows up, choosing loose clothing and generally dressing modestly will usually ensure you are showing respect.  

Markets are also usually quite a traditional environment and a more enjoyable experience with the local traders will be had if respectful conservative dress is worn.

Ultra religious men (usually dressed in Black) are not encouraged to converse with women when not in the company of their wives so it is best not to try to have contact with them.  

Shabbat, which begins from sunset on Friday evening and runs through to sunset on Saturday evening is the holy day of the week is Israel. While a large percentage of the population is secular and do not observe the Shabbat in its religious sense, preferring instead to enjoy the weekend in the same way you would at home, if you find you are in a religious neighbourhood, town or city on Saturday, conservative dress and a quiet persona is suggested.

While pork has become more widely available in Israel in recent years, we suggest refraining from eating this on the Shabbat so the smell of it cooking does not offend any religious folks who may be in close vicinity to you.    

‘It is true that women travelling alone anywhere in the world need to take a few extra precautions. While this is also true in Israel, I believe that with common sense and good judgment, solo travel here can be exciting, safe and empowering for women’ (Dafna Katz, Tel Aviv)

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