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Jerusalem Sights 5

The Roman Square in Damascus Gate
Since the time of the Romans, the Damascus Gate has been the most important of Jerusalem's Old City gates. The Ottoman-period gate is magnificent and beautifies the wall even in our times. On the level beneath it, impressive relics of the Roman-period gate complex were discovered, and the square in front of it was uncovered.
Today, the square is a Museum that exhibits the history of the Damascus Gate in maps, photographs and illustrations. On either side of the gate stand two massive guard towers, built from huge stones. These stones were taken from earlier buildings that were built in Jerusalem at the time of the Second Temple. The eastern tower survived in its full height and you can climb the original staircase in it directly to the wall promenade- a very special experience.
The Section of the State's Leaders (Burial Site-Herzl Mt.)
Those buried here are former presidents of the state, prime ministers, and Speakers of the Knesset. The only exception is Eliezer Kaplan, the first minister of finance, who was the first government minister to die after the burial plot was established. This is also the resting place of Yitzhak Rabin (1922-95), the prime minister and minister of defense who was murdered by Jewish assassin on November 4, 1995. The assassination shocked the public in Israel and abroad, and the expressions of mourning and identification with Rabin's memory were unprecedented. People flock to Rabin's grave, which is uniquely designed.
The Time Elevator
The Time Elevator in Jerusalem is a journey through the rich 3,000 year history of Jerusalem. Star of ''Fiddler on the Roof'' Chaim Topol plays the lead character who amid crashing ceilings, splashing water, and other special effects, leads us on an unforgettable journey moving through Jerusalem's historic turning points, beginning with the City of David and ending in the 1967 Six-Day War.
Combining film, motion platforms, and special effects, this 35-minute journey brings Jerusalem's most dramatic moments to unforgettable life through an original screenplay written in conjunction with leading historians and archeologists.
Location: Nahalat Shiva across from Independence Park. 37 Hillel St.
Hours: Sun-Thur -10am-5pm, Fri – 10am-2pm Sat – 12pm-6pm.
Please verify operating hours at Telephone: 02-6248381
Tower of David
Set in the magnificently restored ancient Citadel, first constructed 2,000 years ago by Herod the Great, the Tower of David Museum traces Jerusalem's long and eventful history through state-of-the-art displays and exhibits, utilizing the most advanced technologies.
The panoramic route along the Citadel towers with its breathtaking views of the city and the lush archaeological gardens, all add to an experience you will cherish.
Regular Guided Tours in English: Monday - Thursday at 11.00 am.
Hours: April to October: Sun - Thurs and Sat 9am-5pm, Fri and holidays 9am-2pm. November to March: Sun-Thurs and Sat 10am-4pm Fri and holidays 10am-2pm. Tel: 02-6265333
View from Hebrew University - Mount Scopus
Its strategic location has made it a valuable goal in many famous battles of the city. The view seen from it looking to Jerusalem and the Judean desert is fascinating.
Apart from the Hebrew University, the mountain has several sites: The old Hadassa hospital, designed by the architect Eric Mandelson, the Mormon University and the British Soldiers' Cemetery.
*Info courtesy of Jerusalem Municipality. 

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