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Jerusalem Bars / Pubs / Restaurant-bars
Acha (Kosher)
Oriental Armenian restaurant bar, set in a quaint building originally built in 1876
Add: 9 Yoel Salomon St, 2nd floor
Tel: 02-6236603
Bar Kochva (kosher)
With an outlook to thr old city walls, this bar-restaurant offers dairy and fish dishes and enjoy beautiful Jerusalem views.
Add: 14 Chativat Jerusalem St, Chutzot HaYotzer Compound.
Tell: 02-6233206  02-6233238
A restaurant by day turning into a lively and colorful bar at night, playing world music, jazz and the like.
Add: 31 Jaffa St, Feingold Courtyard
Tel: 02-6259081
Blue Hole Pub
Dairy restaurant-bar offering beer and live music.
Sun-Thu, Sat 16:00–04:00. Sat 12:00–04:00
Add: 12 Salomon St.
Tel: 02-6256488
Varied styles of music with good food, tap beer and plenty of alcohol.
Sun-Fri 09:00-03:00, Sat 11:00-03:00
Add: 6 Dorot Rishonim
Tel: 02-6249733
Capricorn Karaoke Bar
Cozy atmosphere, drinks, snacks and karaoke.
Add: 18 Shlomo HaMelech St.
Tel: 02-6245415
Cavalier Bar
A high-society bar that leans toward a more moneyed crowd.
Add: 1 Ben Sira St.
Tel: 02-6242945
This split-level resto-bar has a relaxed adult atmosphere with good food and soft music.
Daily 18:00 until the last customer.
Add: 18 Shlomzion St.
Tel: 02-252733
A restored 19th century building with comfortable lounge seating and a cozy intimate atmosphere.
Add: 7 Bet Lechem Rd.
Tel: 02-6729955
A stylishly decorated bar, with karaoke and DJ on board.
Sun-Fri 08:30 until last customer, Sat 18:00 until last customer.
Add: 1 Shlomzion HaMalka St.
Tel: 02-6243601
Darkish New York-Japanese styled bar-restaurant.
Sun-Sat 19:00 until last customer.
Add: 33 Jaffa St.
Tel: 02-6250818
A pub serving cheap alcohol and simple menu at the bustling Feingold Courtyard.
Add: 30 Jaffa St.
Live performances plus a nocturnal young atmosphere.
Add: 18 (the Cube 18), 10 Beit Ya'acob St.
Tel: 02-6235225
HaMa'abada Bar
Right next to the up and coming hip performing art center bearing the same name, this bar hosts varied live performances.
Mon-Sat 22:00 until last customer.
Add: 28 Hebron Rd.
Tel: 02-6292008
The location makes for rocking summer nights. A favorite among locals.
Sun-Sat 19:00 until last customer.
Add: 7 Beit Lechem Rd, Old Train Station.
Tel: 02-6733215
Stylish wine bar, sandwiches, good atmosphere and a nice wine selection.
Add: 74 Ein Kerem St.
Tel: 02-6422120
Mike's Place
Check out this American style bar if you feel the need for a college flashback.
Daily 16:00 until last customer, happy hour daily 16:00-20:00
Add: 37 Jaffa St.
Known for its equally awesome food, atmosphere and music, Mona is located in the old "Bezalel" building, and is packed on Friday nights.
Add: 12 HaNagid St.
Tel: 02-6222283
O'Connell (Kosher)
A classic Irish pub at the heart of Jerusalem.
Sun-Thu 18:00 until last customer, Sat 20:00 until last customer.
Add: 3 Shimon Ben Shetach St.
Tel: 02-6232232  02-6243045
With no less than six beer taps, this is one of the top venues for an alcohol infused good time.
Sun-Thu 07:30-02:00, Fri 07:30-17:00, Sat 20:30-02:00.
Add: 1 Ben Maimon St.
Tel: 02-5665126
A pick-up / mega bar with an extensive alcohol selection.
Mon-Sat 21:00 until last customer.
Add: 7 Koresh St.
Tel: 02-6222720
Happy hour, live music at moderate prices and DJs on board.
Sun-Thu, Sat 21:00 until last customer.
Add: 2 HaDekel St, Machane Yehuda
Tel: 02-6236318
A fun bar with real retro-chic feel. Call or info about live jazz shows.
Add: 8 Dorot Rishonim St.
Tel: 02-6236115
Shlomtzi Bar-Restaurant
Pick-up bar with a wide selection of alcohol.
Daily 20:00 until last customer.
Add: 18 Shlomzion HaMalka St.
Tel: 02-6254999
The Shushan
A busy Gay bar that offers weekly theme nights, including drag shows and single-sex parties.
Add: 4 Shoshan St.
Tapas Bar in classic décor.
Daily 19:00 until last customer.
Add: 15 Shlomzion HaMalka St.
Tel: 02-6246938
Playing a wide range of Jazz and Blues, this bar is a hangout for both travelers and locals.
Add: 18 Hillel St.
An international bar/pub serving drinks and Mexican food.
Daily 10:00-04:00
Add: 5 Rivlin St.
Five beers on tap plus an extensive selection of drinks.
Daily 19:00 until last customer. Happy hour 19:00-21:00
Add: 6 Shoshan St.
Tel: 02-6240949
Drinks and live music for the artsy crowd.
Sun-Fri 12:00 until last customer, Sat 21:00 until last customer.
Add: 4 Aristobolus St.
Tel: 02-6236087
Yankees Bar
Karaoke, DJs and live music.
Add: 12 Salomon St.
Tel: 02-6222690
Delicious meat dishes and rich selection of alcoholic drinks.
Add: 18 Ben Sira St.
Tel: 02-6246076
*Info courtesy of Time Out.

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