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Jerusalem >> Travel Guide
Jerusalem, the queen of Judea and the capital of Israel, the controversial city of old, set in the curves of the picturesque Judean Mountains, is a 21st Century city of new. Ancient ruins and landmarks alongside innovative architecture, of beautiful golden Jerusalem limestone.
Experience holy transcendence by day and a happening recreational night life of bars and clubs. The Ben-Yehuda Street area (downtown) hosts many bars and night clubs which are mostly English-friendly. Have an early drink in one of the bars or dance your feet off in one of the clubs, which stay open till morning.
Jerusalem is the heart of the three major religions and houses cultures from four corners of the globe. As you wander through the narrow alleys of the Old City, feel the vibes of 3000 years under your feet. Observe that in a mere square kilometer you will find Hassidic Jews, alongside Muslims, Armenians, Greek and Catholic Christians, cohabitating together.
21st Century altercations over Jerusalem is nothing new to a city that has been conquered and re-conquered through the centuries. Today’s Jerusalem is not only about religious controversy, it is also about harmonizing historical sites, religious significance and contemporary progress.
Excite your tongue with assorted flavors ranging from traditional Palestinian humus to Israeli, Ethiopian, Eastern, American and other cuisines. If you need to check your mail box, hop into one of the city’s Internet Café’s.
As far as sleeping is concerned, diversity is Jerusalem’s pseudo name. In Jerusalem you will find accommodation for any budget, ranging from expensive to small hotels, cheap hostels to religious hospices.
For a day trip, venture to Abu Gosh, Tel Aviv, Bethlehem, and the Dead Sea, most of which are only an hour away from Jerusalem.
Tips: There is a strict dress code, particularly for women in some of the neighborhoods. 
Jerusalem sights in a nutshell…
If your quest is a holy one, you cannot afford to miss The Holy Sepulcher Church, the significant Via Dolorosa, or Tomb of the Virgin Mary on Mount of Olives. If you want to go Extreme, check out the polarity of Temple Mount with the Western Wall on one side and the golden Dome of the Rock on the other.
If it’s history that makes you tick, stroll thought the colorful Old City Market for a time-capsule experience. There you can haggle over almost anything, from food and clothes to artifacts and appliances. Take a scenic sunset tour of the Old City’s walls and check out the museum at the Tower of David, and be astonished to find that King David has never set foot in the place.
For a breath of fresh mountain air visit the National Botanical Gardens, centrally located in the Valley of the Cross. Wander through the colors and fragrances of flowers brought to the gardens from around the globe. If too much clean air makes you dizzy, take a walk over to the neighboring Israel Museum to absorb a little culture.
For a unique museum experience, check out the Shrine of the Book (a wing of Israel Museum located near Givat Ram), where together with other archeological residents, the Dead Sea scrolls are on display; or visit the Bloomfield Science Museum, where children can find out about Archimedes’s ‘Eureka’, about why structures stay erect, and dabble in scientific matters in a fun way. The Israel Museum hosts Judaica materials and assorted archaeological items. Other museums in the city include The Natural History Museum, the Italian Jewish Art Museum, and more. However, The Yad Vashem Memorial will overwhelm you, both emotionally and historically.
Don’t leave the city without catching a glimpse of the brilliant Chagall Windows at the Synagogue of the Hadassah Hebrew University.
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