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On the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee and continuing up into the north is Israel’s mountainous northern region, the Golan Heights.  Bordered to the west and the south by the Jordan and Yarmuk Rivers, this area is one of the most beautiful and most travelled parts of Israel.
Brimming with flowing rivers, gushing waterfalls and bursting with beautiful blossoms, the Golan is filled with exquisite beauty. It is a trendy getaway these days, as Israelis and international  tourists alike escape here to connect with nature, leaving the stress of urban living far behind them.
The name "Golan" has been said to derive from the Kurdish word, Gul or plural Gulan, which means flowers and "Golan" is also the name of a city mentioned in the Bible as a "City of Refuge".
Wonderful scenic treasures await you. Gorgeous nature reserves, historic and archaeological sites, rivers to swim in formed by rainwater and melted snow are jsut a few examples. It is a delightful area to spend a few days to relax and recharge and with health spas and a great selection of quality accommodation choices available,  you will return to the urban world feeling completely refreshed.
In the winter months, the slopes of Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights house an Israeli ski resort boasting  a wide range of ski trails at novice, intermediate, and expert levels.  It also offers additional winter family activities such as sled-riding and Nordic skiing. The ski resort has a ski school, ski patrol, and several restaurants located on both the bottom and the peak of the area. Near the mountain resides the crater lake of Birkat Ram fed by underground springs.
The Odem Forest in the Golan area is home to a wonderful deer reserve with many different species. The Rujum al-Hiri (Circle of Ghosts), a Megalithic structure about 5,000 years old that researchers believe was used for ritual purposes, burial or as an astronomy observatory is also in the area as is Gamla Nature Reserve, an open park which holds the archaeological remains of the ancient city of Gamla.  A large waterfall and panoramic spot to observe hundreds of eagles that dwell in the cliffs is also a highlight of the area.
The Golan heights is also home to a number of boutique wineries and a tour of these is a fabulous way to spend an afternoon. Israels' wine industry has grown and developed enormously in recent years and they have begun winning a number of prestigious awards in boutique wine industry.  Be sure to try some of the delightful Israel wines while you are here.  

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