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Must visit streets
Put on your walking gear and allow the unique character of Tel Aviv to unfold before you. With excellent weather most year round, walking through the streets of TLV is a special experience and the ultimate way to get the true feel and vibe of this delightful city.  
Here is a basic rundown on our favourite streets in 'the city that never sleeps' 
Dizengoff Street  a beautiful long street dotted with prestigious fashion stores, local designer shops, book stores, fruit stands and fabulous cafes serving great food, superb coffee & cold beer. Dizengoff offers a great city stroll and with friday street fairs its all the more fun to roam this wonderful street.  Look out for Gordon St crossing Dizengoff, some of the city's best galleries are to be found on this street and in the vacinity around Dizengoff and Ben Yehuda.

Basel Street quarter in the old north of Tel Aviv is also a recommended hang out area. Known as the Yuppies favorite spot, the street is packed with outdoor cafés, trendy restaurants and stores. 
Sheinkin Street in Israeli culture is much more than just a street name. The old, dilapidated street has changed dramatically in the last decade, when many youngsters moved to live here. The street is crammed with outdoor cafés, restaurants, excellent boutiques and music stores and if you are looking for info on what parties are on, this is where the promoters serve out the flyers and invitations the crowds of passersby.   
Florentin Neighborhood in the south is like a little Soho, with plenty of bars, cafés, restaurants and an authentic neighborhood feel. A lot of young and upcoming designers opened their shops here and this is the place to check out the latest trend in furniture, lighting and fashion.  

Nachmani and Montefiore Streets The meeting between these two small streets, brought with it exclusive ambience and magic - little cafés peep from every corner, also bistros and a number of recommended restaurants. Most of the buildings in this area have been preserved since 1910 and some have been renovated, adding a special beauty to the area.
Esspresso on RothschildRothschild Boulevard A shady, tree lined boulevard, where Tel Aviv history sprouts from every nook. This boulevard was  the first main street in the city and the majority of the buildings here are from the beginning of last century. Nowadays, the beautiful boulevard is one of the main entertainment hubs of  the city and is host to street art, sit-on the-grass kiosks, street performances and a fab laid-back atmosphere. On Fridays, in the summer season, there are street parties, giving the whole area a cheerful, vibrant character.
Bialik square  The square is named after Hayyim Nahman Bialik, the most influential of modern Hebrew poets. At the center of square there is a statue of Nachum Gutman describing the city's history and behind it, the striking old city hall building.
tel aviv blvdBen Gurion Ave.  Starting at Rabin Square and taking you all the way to the beach, this lovely avenue has become a popular hang out place, especially on those amazing sunny days Tel Aviv is famous for. Sit down and relax on one of the many benches spread out along the boulevard, enjoy a coffee or a sandwich in one of the street bars and gaze at the action around. Many city council funded events are held on the Avenue, so its always worth a walk on a friday to see if there is anything going on.
Hamedina Square  The square is a favourite for locals who enjoy shopping in the prestigious designer shops that encircle the square. Ther eis a huge park in the centre which is nice to sit and enjoy the sunshine.
Nachalat Binyamin is home of the artists market held on tues a friday and also a good choice of cafes serving delicious israeli faire.  Located at the end of Shenkin street and next to the Karmel market, its well worth a few hours of your time. The atmosphere is light and fun and more often than not there are a number street performers entertaining the crowds.
Jaffa clock tower comes alive in the evening when the night owls are looking for a quick cheap bite to eat. Dont mistake the street food here as your average  greasy joes, its far from it.  The range of food is excellent and most is surprisingly healthy. Most are family run businesses, handed down through the  generations
and some of the customers are like family. There is often some really funny banter going on between the characters serving behind the counters and the customers.

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