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tel aviv pride paradeTel Aviv is the center of GLBT life in Israel. With gay bars, clubs, coffee lounges, gay beach and lots of gay parties, something different and exciting is happening every night.
Parties change venues weekly, so if you are in Israel on a short visit and would like a taste of the local scene, we recommend the places listed below as a good starting point. Enjoy!!!    
Hip gay bar, restaurant and coffee lounge, offers plenty of alcohol, fine cuisine, Eurovision contests, Drug nights and lots of action….
Add: 31 Yavne St.  Tel: 03-5669559
The most popular lesbian bar in TLV. Excellent music from different DJs every night, passionate vibes and a gender baffling atmosphere. With its 10th anniversary behind it – Minerva is a proud TLV institution that never fails to provide a sweet time to its dedicated crowd.
Add: 98 Alenbi St.  Tel: 03-5603801
tel aviv glbt pride paradeCedamus Amori
Popular gay, lesbian and straight friendly pick-up bar, New York style. Featuring different DJs every night, 80s music on Tuesday. Pick-up bar on the street level floor and lounge on the upper floor. Packed on weekends, especially with young and very hormonal guys. 
Add: 37 Nachalat Benyamin St.
Hours: 9pm till last customer. Closed on Sundays.
PAG Gay Party Line @ Barzilay Club
Infamous (in a good way…) party line of electro-gay-buffs. The PAGs are doing their thing every Thursday at one of Tel Aviv's best clubs – Barzilay – twice chosen club of the year by TimeOut readers. Loud, Dark and not necessarily waxed. Official thirst quencher: Coke.
Add: 13 Harechev St.
Hours: 24:30 till everyone runs out of drugs.
Entry: 40-50 NIS
Notorious G.A.Y @ Lima-Lima Club
According to TimeOut magazine this is the place to examine and pick up the most gorgeous looking boys of Tel Aviv. In Hebrew we call them "Horsim"…and even if you don’t get lucky (not that this is possible…) – a good party is guaranteed. Thursdays at Lima Lima Club.
Add: 42 Lilinblum St.  Tel: 03-5600924
Hilton Beach
Situated just below the Hilton hotel, Hilton beach is the place to check out Israeli gay men. With sexy atmosphere and beautiful tanned bodies this beach is absolutely outrageous (especially since it borders with the only religious beach in TLV). Very busy during summers, exquisite sunsets October through November (not that anyone comes for that).
tel aviv pride paradeTLV Pride Parade
Unlike Jerusalem, Tel Aviv embraces its pride parade. Traditionally held in June, this colorful event takes over the streets like a huge wave of sweat, sound and love. Trucks with dancers, street artists, activist groups for peace and human rights, all march along to the sound of very loud music. The full spectrum of human rainbow celebrating solidarity with lesbian, gay, bi and trans community.
More about TLV Pride Parade
Unruly and ultra happy gay bar, often overflowing to the street. You can't miss the giant flag out side nor the exhibitionist vibe and people dancing in couples on the side walks. Different music every night and lots of laughs. From 8pm till dawn.
Add: 68 Hertzel St.
Night club and lounge bar hosting the Pink House Company from time to time. Gay friendly nights / women only Parties…Call in advance to check what's on – other wise, you may crash an IDF soldiers party (Yami…)
Add: 58 HaMasger St.  Tel: 054-6331-087   052-663-9089
Sauna and other places:
Paradise Sauna
Add: 75 Alenby St.
Tel: 03-6202188
Sauna City
Add: 113 HaKhashmonaim St.
Tel: 03-6241148
The Sexy Shop
Dusky cruising of sweaty guys – open till very late during weekends…Well equipped dark rooms (25 NIS), hundreds of DVDs, magazines, creative toys and take-away souvenirs.
Add: 150 Dizengoff St.
Tel: 03-5231796
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