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Beaches: Tel Aviv & Jaffa
Nature granted Tel Aviv-Jaffa a wonderful gift: 14 kilometres of golden sandy beaches.

The lovely promenade stretching from the old port of Tel-Aviv in the north, to picturesque Jaffa in the south is, with out a doubt, one of the most popular beauty spots of the city for residents and tourists alike.  And with Israel’s relatively warm year round weather, the beaches are inviting and enjoyable most months in the calendar.
During the hot summer months, Tel Aviv’s beaches are a prominent meeting place for residents of the city.  Whether enjoying a refreshing dip in the ocean,   keeping fit with the various beach games played on the shores, or meeting with friends and simply watching the world go by, the beaches are alive with the cities vibrant energy and are defiantly not to be missed on a visit to Tel Aviv.
tel aviv beach During winter, although the water temperature drops a little, the soft rays of sunshine are warm and most welcoming. The cities energy is less prevalent on the beach this time of year, hence offering an ideal place to chill-out in the sunshine, read, meditate, jog or satisfy your gastronomic desires. One mesmerizing highlight of the Israel winter beach experience is catching a glimpse of the thousands of birds migrating southwards each day as the sun makes its decent on the horizon; it creates a sense of serenity and offers a delightfully romantic atmosphere.
With major refurbishment works now completed on the promenade, dozens of restaurants, cafes and bars have opened along its route, successfully enticing the masses to stroll along its picturesque path. In the summer months, the promenade is a hub of activity and one can easily find them selves entertained into the late evening simply by taking a leisurely walk along this very popular shoreline route.
In terms of beach amenities, the City Council provides lifeguard services, beach showers, toilets and shady areas for the public. Most beaches are also accessible to the disabled public. Toilet paper is not supplied though it is quite common for someone to be manning the entrances offering this service for 1 shekel. Most appreciated you will agree if you haven’t come equipped, but do not feel at all obligated if you did. 
Deck chairs and Umbrellas are also usually available for private hire at a nominal charge.  It can be an idea to ask one of the locals what is the usual price to avoid being over charged by an ‘eager to make his pocket money’ teenager.
Water sport, beach sport and other beach activities are popular and readily available with surfing clubs and schools spread out along the promenade. As most Israeli’s have a reasonable command of English, feel comfortable to ask for help  if you have difficulty locating any of these.    
Israeli's like many Europeans, love to Play Ricochet. The tick-tick noise fills some of the beaches during the summer, especially towards the later part of the afternoon when the day is cooler. To avoid it, one will have to migrate away from the shoreline.
Important Note:
Black Flag displayed at the life guard station means  swimming is forbidden
No Flag displayed at the life guard station means the station is not manned by lifeguards. It is not recommended to swim when the beach is not manned by life guards.

 And as one smart person once said: Use Sun Screen!!!

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