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Tel Aviv & Jaffa >> Bars

13 Levontine St. 03-5604835
A small, quiet and dimly lit bar, an excellent setting for philosophy talks.
40 Lilenblum St. 03-510445
A renowned and usually crammed lounge bar with alternating DJs, live performances and pool table on the second floor.
9 Ahad HaAm St. 03-5176042
This impressively designed bar has seating around the central bar and small tables. It is also equipped with a VIP section.
Anna Karenina
13 Yedida Frenkel St. 054-3076933
For alcohol and excellent music aficionados.
Allenby 40
40 Allenby St. 052-8928218
Some what seedy dance bar attracts diverse and cheerful clientele.
87 Yehuda Halevi St. 077-3455511
Blaumlich’s owners’ second bar offers a variety of tapas, glitzy atmosphere and slightly out dated music.
40 Lilenblum St. 03-6205573
Cosy neighbour hood bar offers a fine selection of beers and nibbles in a laid back atmosphere.
Armadillo - Cerveza
174 Dizengoff St. 03-529 3277
Second and equally popular haunt belonging to the owners of the above mentioned bar (Armadillo).
52 Nahalat Binyemin St. 03-5100663
Classic design, good food and drinks.
2 Reines St (Dizengoff Square) 03-5237719
Big space, pleasant music and relatively reasonable prices.
Bada Bing
84 Ben Yehuda St. 03-5221928
Cozy Bar.
5 Nahalat Binyemin St 03-5162852
Time honoured haunt on Nahalat Binyemin Pedestrian street, attracts a young crowd.
10 Hilel Zaken St 03-5170277
Neighbourhood bar in Kerem Ha Taymanim boasts an impressive selection of DJs.
Bar Giora
2 Bar Giora St. 054-7731717
Spacious bar with large outdoor seating area and pool table on the top floor.
114 Allenby St. 054-7731717
Neighbourhood bar features mellow air of decadence and a fairly mature crowd.
37 Nahalat Binyamin St. 03-5600582
Cozy bar with private lounge on second floor and alternating DJ’s.
Benjamin Siegal
1 Allenby St (the Opera building) 03-5166224
Relatively new bar with eclectic menu and spacious eating area.
117 Salame St. 03-687728
A huge pick-up bar serving a rich menu and hosting regular party lines.
Betty Ford
48 Nahalat Binyamin St. 03-5100650
Tasteful bar-restaurant with a cute outdoor seating area and a pleasant atmosphere.
32 Rothschild Blvd. 03-5608852
Notorious and popular pick –up bar teeming with hormones.
39 Frishman St. 03-5232323
Neat and informal bar, caters for an established and hip crowd.
Bordel (“Bordello”)
52 Nahalat Binyamin St. 052-5518568
A crowded pick up bar.
48 Nahalat Binyamin St. 03-5172984
Stylish neighbourhood hangout.
26 Florentine St. 03-681 3138
Funky and vibrant atmosphere complemented by an appetising menu.
87 Ha Yarkon St. 03-5226464
Extravagantly designed bar, located within Raphael restaurant, offers creative food and expensive alcohol.
Concha Bar
3 Ha Ta’arucha St, Tel Aviv Port. 03-5169520
A finely designed Tapas bar.
2 Vital St. 050 8761701
Popular and upbeat bar offers chasers at 13 NIS.
124 Ibn Gvirol St. 03-5233677
Spacious and exclusive billiard bar
19 HaTzfira St. 03-5370838
Lively and energetic dance bar.
Donna Martin
3 Hashevach St. 03-6874486
Dim and gloomy dance bar.
12 Hasharon St. 03-6877217
Club bar with a varied crowd.
Ego Bar
8 Shevach St. 036391551
Macho mega bar.
Elbario 89
89 Ben Yehuda St. 052-6565000
Live rock shows on plasma screens and diligent wait staff.
186 Ben Yehuda St. 054- 69699666
Popular bar boosting a funky and vibrant yet casual bar atmosphere.
Tel Aviv Port, Hayakon River Estuary 03-5466726
One of the busiest pick-up spots in town.
41 Lilinblum St. 052-321 2505
Merry, crammed bar with a very young crowd.
Florentine 10
10 Florentine 03-6819999
Friendly and intimate hangout that plays mellow background music.
2 Raoul Wallenberg (Ramat HaChayal), 03-6498080
Colourful and rather noisy restaurant-bar (excellent Sushi).
Freeland Rock Bar
47 Allenby Street, 054-5983608
A time honoured Tel Avivian establishment that use to be the city's rock hub.
186 Ben Yehuda St. 03-5292546
Simple local bar featuring reasonable prices.
Tel Aviv Port, Building 19. 03-5445553.
Geha 9 Rival St. 03-5372639
Mega bar that dedicates itself to hip hop, high-end alcohol, meat dishes and sushi.
62 Ahad Ha Am St. 03-5603588
Fine design, homey food and good music.
Good Bar
35 Allenby St. 03-524405.
A sleazy and crowded bar that started the pick-up trend in Israel.
Gordan Inn
17 Gordan St, 03-5238239.
Local pub with long happy hours, a small pool table and lots of tourists.
23 Menachem Begin 052-8139699.
Fashionable mega-bar features church theme.
28 Olai Zion St. (the flea market)
A dimly-lit bar with a unique atmosphere.
77 Ben Yehuda St.
If crowdedness does not deter you, this dance bar is the place for you. Music and shows on the screens that surround the bar.
5 Malchei Israel St. 03-5223244.
25 years old and still going.
192 Ibn Gavirol St. 03-5460679
A neighbourly bar in a barless neighbourhood.
39 Ibn Gvirol St, 03-6951153
Mythological bar, hosts plenty of regulars.
Helena Ya’akov Garden
(next to HaBima Theatre) 03-5289289
Spacious and open-air boasts a stylish crowd and elaborate selection of cocktails and nibbles.
13 Arbanel St. 03-5184558
Following an ideological agenda, this bar specialises in street parties and cultural events.
148 Dizengoff St. 054-8030706
New and very popular neighbourhood pick-up bar with dark décor.
9 Ha Masger St, 03-6880022.
Fancy bar-restaurant that manages to keep an easy-going and fun atmosphere.
King George 26
26 King George St. No phone number
Cheap food and drinks in a lively atmosphere.
47 Shabazi St. 03-5164557
Cool little local bar at the heart of Neve Tzedek.
Jaffa Bar
30 Yeffet St (corner of Sintat HaZchuchit) 03-518 4668
Sophisticated bar owned by renowned by Chef Nir Tzuk boasts a mildly oriental atmosphere.
Joey’s Bar
35 Allenby St. 03-5179277
Noisy Anglo-Saxon tourist bar hosts an extremely diverse crowd.
Jewish Princess
67 Yehuda HaLevi St (next to Habima Theatre) 03-5289289
Fascinating décor, excellent music, great atmosphere and relatively high prices at this trendy alcohol and tapas bar.
75 Frishman St. 054-8065757
The music shifts between the Rolling Stones and The Red Hot Chillie Peppers.
6 Monteforie St. 03-5170043
The largest bar in the Middle East (apparently) and a “pick-up” paradise (prices are sky high).
7 Vital St. 03-5184558
Popular café-bar at the heart of Florentine neighbourhood.
Leo Bloom’s
24 Raoul Wallenberg (Ramat HaChayal) 03-6482126
Established Irish pub features all the expected trimmings as regard to alcohol and the menu.
148 Menachim Begin Rd. 054-2088906
Mega lounge-bar located in the popular Yad Harutzim compound.
11 Levontin St. 03-5607934
Bar and contemporary art installation space features DJs, a delusional atmosphere and cheap drinks.
Levontin 7
7 Levontin St. 03-5065084
Trendy music bar offers a wide selection of music performances and parties.
Lilenblum 19
19 Lilenblum St. 03-5168402
Winding bar with DJ stand, a lounging area and a tiny dance floor.
Lilenblum 22
22 Lilenblum St. 052-4201987
This time-honoured bar that started the Lilenblum nightlife scene offers an exclusive atmosphere and premium alcohol.
23 Lilenblum St. 03-5166684
North African tapas bar with an intense atmosphere, eclectic music and a balcony overlooking the street.
Lilly Rose
146 Ibn Gvirol St. 03-546663
Tiny and extremely popular bar keeps up a friendly and laid back atmosphere.
Lima Lima
42 Lilenblum St. 03-5600924.
Large dance bar with red décor, alternating DJ’s and a welcoming atmosphere.
Liquor Bar
302 Dizengoff St. 03-5464289
Special cocktails and an intense atmosphere.
2 Shaul HaMelech Blvd (London Ministore) 052-6919191
While entrance is not easily accomplished here due to it’s strict selection at the door, this is one happening place that is a favourite among locals.
43 Lilenblum St. 03-56660481
Swanky bar that started off as sophisticated but then moved on to satisfy popular demand.
Makom MeHasratim (“A place from the Movies”)
14 Ahad Ha’Am St. 03-5105555
This kosher bar-pub-restaurant has karaoke, singing waiting staff, DJ’s, a dance floor, a rich menu and even free Wi-Fi.
Marshall 13
Ibn Gvirol St. 03-68969551
Small pick-up bar with pleasant and relaxed atmosphere.
275 Dizengoff St. 03-6051007
Decent tourist pub, screens football games and serves lots of beers.
226 Dizengoff St. 03-5241615
Unpresumptuous and popular local bar features friendly service and mid-range prices.
Mike’s Place
86 Herbert Samuel St. 052-2670753
The ultimate tourists’ venue in Tel Aviv, located on the beachfront.
24 Raul Wallenberg, Ramat HaChayal. 03-6476159
Posh cocktail lounge boasts elegant décor.
17 Lilenblum St. 03-5168178
Sophisticated and relatively pricey cocktail lounge offers a pleasant nibbles menu.
Molly Bloom’s
3 Mendele St. 03-5221558
Plenty of Guinness, Irish music performances and meat pies-all you could expect from an Irish pub and more.
1 Ahad HaAm St. 03-5161915.
Uniquely decorated and relatively expensive restaurant-bar.
28 Lilenblum St. 03-5162254
Established surrealistic Georgian bar-restaurant boasts a cheerful atmosphere, great dishes and plenty of bar action.
Noga Café
4 Pinsker St. 03-6296457
Long-established pool bar attracts lovers of all ages.
Norma Jean
23 Elifelet St. 03-6837383
A reputable bar-restaurant that boasts over 120 kinds of whiskies and beers.
8 Hilal Zaken St. 03-5171030
Small, intimate and friendly, this tiny bar caters to a young Bohemian crowd.
31 Allenby St. 03-629683
Bearing the name of the cutting-edge prison TV series, this pick-up bar follows the prison concept to the hilt.
Penny Lane
57 Ben Yehuda St. 0547733718
Cozy neighbourhood bar with reasonable prices and friendly vibe.
8 Florentine St. 03-6823823
The diner-style seats make for a comfy intimate lounging experience.
22 Ben Yehuda St. 03-5233944
Large bar with pleasant seating area and weekend action.
Rif Raf
22 Gruzenburg St. 03-560039
Laidback bar features trendy Bohemian atmosphere, reasonable prices and live DJ’s every night of the week.
Rosa Parks
265 Dizengoff St. 054-6439958
Trendy, cool and brimming with well-dressed celebs, wannabes and regular people.
Rusty James
167 HaYarkon St, Atarim Square. 052-5225141
Named after the movie directed by Coppola, this bar plays mainstream rock and local popular music. Reasonably priced drinks and a mature crowd aged 30 and up.
6 Vital St (Florentin) 052-3284800
Inimitable little bar serves whisky and beer laced with jazz.
17 Tirza St (Jaffa) 03-518179
Beautifully designed artsy lounge-bar exhibits works of art and upbeat atmosphere.
89 King George St. 03-6200053; 129 Ibn Gvirol St. 03-5464098
Intimate, fun and unpresumptuous neighbourhood bar started off on King George and lately opened new branch Ibn Gvirol.
182 Ben Yehuda St. 03-5221554
Pleasant bar-restaurant caters to a mature crowd and serves appetising food.
14 Masaryk St. 03-5298265
Small friendly bar with nice atmosphere and reasonable prices.
17 Lilenblum St. 03-5169520
Dimly lit reputable dance bar hosts an array of DJ’s every night of the week.
14 David Chachmi St. 03-6876660
Mega pick-up bar, with minimally dressed bartenders.
48 Allenby St. 054-5983608
A spacious pick-up bar.
14 HaArba’a St. 03-5618880
Dimmed with a neighbourly feel.
16 HaArba’a St. 03-6240480 and 129 Ibn Gvirol St. 03-5464098
Cute and popular restaurant bar offers appetising tapas, reasonable prices and a professional service.
The Pub
9 HaYarden St. 054-3112950
Bizarre English only speaking pub, boasts very low prices and a cheerful atmosphere.
Vila Sokolov
4 Eliezer Kaplan. 050-7256101.
Decorated as a cosy living room, the place has the look and the feel of a living room party.
34 Rival St. 03-6390036
A pick-up bar come dance-bar that serves large food portions at low prices.
85 Nahalat Binyamin St. 03-5665661
A neighbourly pick-up bar that serves small portions in a yuppy feel.
Whiskey a Go-Go
Tel Aviv Port (Hayarkon Estuary compound) 03-5440633
Exclusively, highly designed and popular mega bar-lounge with separate levels and a VIP balcony.
223 Dizengoff St. 03-5464750
Stylish mythological bar draws a loyal crowd of regulars.
2 Brenner St. 03-5280218
An inviting little place offers homemade food prepared by the owner’s mother.
29 Karlibach St. 03-5616282
Bar-restaurant with a nice range of alcohol, good food and reasonable prices.

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