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Haifa has an active night life to suit what ever your heart desires. From an enjoyable meal to a dance or cultural activity based evening, what ever you are looking for, this city will provide.

There are many fantastic restaurants, cafes and bars with cuisnes from around the globe to dine and relax at. Around the Mount Carmel area you can choose from many chic options as well as the more old fashioned and traditional styles. You will find a fine selection of eateries from the Horev canyon (shopping mall) to the Carmel Centre, named ‘Moriyah Street.
If a bar and a chat is what you are looking for there's a variety of choices, along with pubs (Bear Pub) that also serve food. Or maybe you’d prefer a stylish bar (Wine Bar at 1872 Hashmura Restaurant) where you can tantalise your taste buds with some cheese, wine and gourmet snacks. There are many lively bars where you can have a boogie in some beautiful venues and even take a shot at some dance classes if the holiday spirit has you feeling like trying something new!
If you like watching bands and would like to check out some local talent, there is the Glasgow Bar. And for those party animals who want to stay up and dance the night away, there are full on nightclubs with great DJ’s and spectacular light shows on offer, also for the younger ones there is ‘Fever’ that runs special nights for teenagers to hang out as well. So, there’s pleasing all ages.
If you’re interested in a cultural evening you have many choices on how to spend your time at the Haifa auditorium from performing arts and dance concerts to the opera and theatre (theatre performances are generally offered in both English and Hebrew). Also you can often view the ever changing art exhibitions for free in the lobby.
For the movie connoisseur, there is the Haifa cinematique where you can watch a selection of international films, along with special-interest art film screenings. Around Succot the Haifa film festival is hosted here (give them a call to check out the dates).
So there you have it, Haifa is a city that will keep you entertained be it night or day!
Bear Pub
Address 135 Ha-Nassi Blvd
Tel: 04-838-6563
Hours Sun-Fri 11am-4am; Sat 6pm-4am
Haifa Auditoruim
Addresss 138 Ha-Nassi Blvd
Tel: 04-835-3555
Wine Bar at 1872 Hashmura Restaurant
Address 15 Ben Gurion St
Tel: 04-855-1872
Hours Thurs-Sat eves only; reservations recommended
Location Gan Ha-Em Promenade
Opening Hours Open after 11pm. Thurs is over-25 night
Glasgow Bar
Address 8 Derech HaYam
Tel: 04-810-2217
Haifa Cinmartique
Address 142 Ha-Nassi Blvd
Tel: 04-810-3480

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