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Haifa’s populace is as unique as the city they live in. They harmoniously fuse together their vast differences of religion, ethnic roots, styles and preferences to create an inimitable coexistence.  It is quite amazing, if you consider the fact that their home, Haifa, is Israel’s third largest city.
Haifa is painted onto the northern slopes of Mount Carmel and majestically flows down to the coast line, to meet a picturesque natural bay. The bay accommodates one of Israel’s busiest harbors, serving as Israel’s northern gateway. Naturally, downtown (“Lower Town”, by locals) is a busy day time port entry and commercial zone, where you can find amazingly cheap eating spots with authentic cuisines. Venture just a little out of the busy streets towards shore, where you will find white-sand blue-water beaches as far as the eye can see.
To get to the higher sections of the city, mid-mountain Hadar Hacarmel and upper town Hacarmel, hop on the “Carmelit” (currently the only subway in Israel) to reach your destination in minutes.
Discover how the different origins and backgrounds of the people of Haifa create a rich cultural environment of color, sounds and contrasting architecture, where Jews, Christians, Muslims, Bahá'ís and Druze all practice their faiths peacefully, side by side. Haifa is the World Center of the Bahá'í faith, where the golden dome of the Shrine of the Bab and the magnificent terraced Gardens make up the faith’s holiest pilgrimage site, and a “must see” for tourists.
Haifa offers accommodation solutions for almost any budget, with a wide variety of cuisines to savor on, plenty of local attractions as well as numerous hour-away sites.

A daytrip can be made to the medieval walled fortress city of Acre. Directly north you find the heights of Rosh Hanikra, the majestic white cliff, checkpoint on the Israel - Lebanon border. Further east towers the snow capped peak of Mount Hermon. Other day trip possibilities are:

Tel Aviv
Galilee & North
Golan Heights 

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