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Water Action & Fun
Water Sports
If water sport is what you crave – Eilat is definitely THE place for you!!! Put your swim suit on and get ready for some serious action. Ride your own Jet Ski, or take a three-seater to enjoy this wild ride together. Water skiing, single or double kayaks, exhilarating windsurfing, para-sailing, pedal boats and banana-shaped rubber rafts towed behind speed boats are just a few of the extreme water adventures waiting for you in Eilat.
SCUBA Diving
Discover the exquisite marine world, without taking a SCUBA course! Anyone over the age of eight can enjoy an introductory dive up to 6 meters without any prior experience, accompanied one-on-one by a professional instructor. A brief lesson in the basics of SCUBA is given prior to the dive, and the instructor operates all equipment for you.
Enjoy a super relaxing experience on the crystal clear waters of the red sea. All you need to do is choose from a variety of cruises available from Eilat. Get a gorgeous sun tan, jump in the water for a refreshing swim, snorkel for a while and view the extraordinary underwater seascape. Ship off to a completely new state of mind and let the glorious weather and the stunning scenery do their work…
For more info on the exciting cruises waiting for you in Eilat, click here.

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