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Desert Trips
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Desert Trips
Jeep Tours
Come discover the desert’s striking beauty and be inspired by magical landscape. Choose from a range of jeep tours covering Eilat’s magnificent red desert, nature reserves and mountain trails. Skilled jeep drivers and guides ensure a fabulous off-road experience. Trips including rappelling, climbing, zip-line and archery can be arranged with advance coordination.
Donkey or Camel Trips
A memorable riding experience is waiting for the adventures families on one of these fabulous trips. Travel in spacious and comfortable carriages harnessed to donkeys for an hour and a half in Eilat’s lovely nature reserve at dawn or dusk. Or, join the camel caravan passing through the Solomon riverbed and continue to the heart of the desert. A panoramic view from an altitude of 250 meters over the mountains of Eilat and Sinai awaits you along the way.
ATV Trips
Looking for some action? Grab your driver's license and get ready for a brilliant adventure. ATV trips, arranged from Eilat will take you through spectacular desert scenery usually accessible only to eagles.
Timna Park
Located at the heart of the Red Canyon, Timna Park combines a startling view with a fascinating history. The park offers an abundance of activities and sites, including: The Mines of Time – an interactive exhibit in a round hall with a rotating stage and 360˚ of screens surrounding you; A range of walking trails for beginners and experienced hikers; An art workshop where you can create your own artworks by layering colored sand in bottles; A copper mint; A Bedouin offering an authentic menu; Pedal-boat sailing on a manmade lake; Famous historic sites such as the arches and ancient mines, the chariots, the rock paintings, the mushroom and copper furnaces, Pillars of Solomon and the Shrine of Hathor.

Maps, an electronic guide and information about the trails and the park can be obtained at the entrance booth.
Nighttime tours of the park are offered during summer – creating a magical atmosphere for the enjoyment of private travelers or organized groups.
Yotvata Chai-Bar reserve
Discover the life of desert animals in this fascinating reserve located approximately 35km north of Eilat (between Kibbutz Yotvata and Kibbutz Samar). Observe reptiles, prey animals and birds of prey in their natural surrounding. Private vehicles can travel the reserve’s dirt road, and View wildlife both out in the open as well as in enclosed areas. In July and August, enjoy evening activities such as sunset tours of the reserve, or watch the feeding of bats, snakes and other animals of prey.

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