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 Acre's Markets

The White Market (Shuq al-Abid)
The market was built by Dahar Al-Omer, destroyed in a fire and rebuilt by Suleiman Pasha in 1817. It takes its name from the white limestone used to build it. The market's unique character is owed to the architectural design of the street and the market as a single unit. The streets are shaded with an arched ceiling that allows in plenty of natural day light, and the small shops are intimate and inviting.  The passageways become narrower in an almost uniform manner as they extend in the direction of the city.

Market Street
Market Street is the main road of Acre's Old City. During the Crusader Period this road led from the Hospitallers Gate in the north, along the route of the market, all the way to the port.
Nowadays, the main market of Old Acre is located on this route – a vibrant market offering a wide variety of stalls selling fresh fish, sweet Oriental pastries, colorful spices, perfumes and souvenirs.
The Turkish Bazzar
The Turkish Bazaar was built at the end of the 18th century as a municipal market to serve the local population. The market was deserted in the year 1948 with the capture of the Old City by the Israeli Forces, and opened recently as an artist's bazaar. Stroll along the narrow streets and pop into the small shops specializing in the sale of souvenirs and objects d’art for tourists.
*Info courtesy of akko.org 

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